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Hivos invests in knowledge to trigger change. By understanding the drivers of social change (and upheaval), we can make our role and programmes more effective. Our aim is to translate the knowledge and innovations we co-create with academics, policy makers and businesses, as well as with civil society, activists and grass roots stakeholders, into new policies, practices and scalable solutions to achieve social change.

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The Hivos advocacy strategy on open contracting aims to create open government policies and support civil society in co-shaping and using these policies. As in most programmes, we support, stimulate and sometimes provoke governments, private sector and civil society to create real solutions and...

Hivos and partners are implementing the Sustainable Diets for All (SD4ALL) programme - funded under the 'Dialogue and Dissent' Strategic Partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) - in Uganda, Zambia, Bolivia and Indonesia.


Uganda is...

A key element of the Sustainable Diets for All (SD4ALL) programme is building multi-stakeholder coalitions and using innovative process facilitation methodologies like Change Labs.

A Change Lab...