ABPP Biogas programme improves 175,000 lives

October 30, 2013

Dutch/African partnership generates massive impact

The Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Ms Lilianne Ploumen, who is visiting Kenya with a trade delegation, attended a short ceremony in Kinale in Kiambu County on 30 October to celebrate the realisation of 10,000 biogas digesters throughout Kenya. According to Minister Ploumen, who toured the farm and saw for herself how biogas is produced and the benefits it brings the family, ‘‘This biogas programme is an excellent example of the latest vision on international cooperation, as it combines investment, trade and to a smaller extent grants, enabling improved standard of living for 175,000 people in Africa, including 50,000 Kenyans’.

The Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) is responsible for the construction of these 10,000 biogas digesters in Kenya. ABPP is a Public Private Partnership between development organisations Hivos, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and the Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ABPP supports five national biogas programmes in Africa, in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Burkina Faso, through a combination of investments, trade and, to a small extent, grants.

ABPP is very proud to be the first biogas programme that has been able to create sustainable results of scale by partnering with local enterprises, NGOs and governments in Sub-Saharan Africa,  making this a truly Dutch/African partnership. At the end of October, we reached the milestone of approximately 35,000 biogas digesters constructed in the five ABPP countries, providing some 175,000 people with access to a clean, safe, sustainable and affordable source of energy. In Kenya alone, ABPP has constructed 10,000 biogas digesters that improve the living conditions of more than 50,000 Kenyans.

Kenya is a shining example of ABPP’s work. The Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme (KENDBIP) started to roll out a biogas programme in 2010, and ABPP’s development of a commercially viable and market-oriented biogas sector and has indeed paid off. KENDBIP is now working with 85 to 90 biogas construction enterprises (BCEs) that are involved in building biogas digesters around the country. Two umbrella bodies for biogas enterprises and stakeholders in Kenya have also been created: the Association of Biogas Contractors of Kenya (ABC-K) and the Association of Biogas Sector in Kenya, with 35 to 40 highly effective BCEs.

The ABPP hopes to expand the biogas programme as from 2014 to reach another 100,000 households by 2017 in the 5 ABPP-countries.  

Minister Ploumen with Susan Githuri, a beneficiary of the ABPP biogas programme: