Get to know the winners of Global Dialogues 2014 Narrative Contest!

July 8, 2014

On 7 July, the 20 international winners of the 2014 Global Dialogues narrative contest started being announced, including the winners of the Grand Prize, second and third places. One winner will be announced each day on the Global Dialogues Facebook page and Google + pages.

As in previous years, youth worldwide participated in the 2014 Global Dialogues contest with stories about HIV/AIDS, sex and sexuality, violence against women, and alcohol and drugs use (and abuse). By bringing together youth around those topics through film, the programme breaks silences and taboos and stimulates interaction among young people across the globe.  

The best and most original ideas contained in the stories will be turned into films by some of world’s greatest directors and young cinema talents. The Global Dialogues films are viewed by millions of people every year on TV and on the internet. The video films that have been produced so far can be viewed on the Global Dialogues YouTube Channel.

The winners of the 2014 contest were chosen by the Global Dialogues 2014 International Jury, who met from 25-29 June at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, Global Dialogues’ hometown. The international jury reached their decision after lengthy and passionate debates among the jurors. Hivos’ HIV/AIDS worldwide Programme Officer Artien Utrecht was invited to take part. Also included in the international jury were the Global Dialogues national coordinators of Kenya, Indonesia and Guatemala. In these countries, Hivos is involved in the three-year programme “Connecting Voices of Youth”. This programme, now in its second year, is jointly carried out by Global Dialogues and Hivos with support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Support for “Connecting Voices of Youth” is managed by Hivos’ Rights & Citizenship programme, within the focus area HIV/Aids & High Risk Groups.