Global Fund recognises strategic role of Hivos

June 24, 2014

Since 2006, Hivos has been one of the civil society Principal Recipients (PR) of funding from The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the main worldwide public private partnership on health. Hivos has used this funding to implement a programme in Costa Rica and is currently working in Bolivia and Guatemala as PR. It also runs a regional programme covering Indonesia, Timor Leste, the Philippines and Malaysia. The work of Hivos on HIV/AIDS is distinguished by its explicit focus on key populations, such as sex workers, men who have sex with men and trans people.

Engaged in policy dialogue

However, Hivos aims to be more than an implementer of programmes and is constantly involved in policy dialogue on various levels, not least with the Global Fund itself. In May 2013, Hivos and UNAIDS organised a regional meeting in Mexico City where fifteen Principal Recipients of civil society of the Global Fund in Latin America came together for the first time. The meeting, partly funded by the Global Fund, focused on exchanging experiences and good practices between the different PRs, but also on ensuring sustainability of the AIDS response throughout Latin America with donors phasing out most of their activities. The fact that most Latin American countries are (becoming) middle income countries, poses a serious risk for the sustainability of civil society organisations working on HIV, as not all governments are inclined to financially support civil society groups that work on human rights and sexual diversity.

Practices published

The practices of the PRs coming out of the Mexico meeting have been compiled into a publication that was published in April 2014. The commitments and recommendations that came out of the meeting were presented to the executive director of the Global Fund and were received with great enthusiasm and interest.

Strategic role

Following the successful meeting in Mexico, Hivos was invited by the Global Fund to the high-level meeting organised in Ecuador in April of this year between the Global Fund, UNAIDS and government officials of Ministries of Health and Finances. Here, Hivos was asked to speak on the importance of including civil society stakeholders in decisions about smarter investments in programmes to combat HIV, TB and Malaria. Such invitation underscores Hivos’ engagement to the Global Fund processes and the value the Global Fund places on Hivos’ vision and ideas.

Last May, Hivos was invited to the Global Fund head offices in Geneva, where CEO Edwin Huizinga, Head of the Rights & Citizenship program Tini van Goor, and Senior Advisor HIV/AIDS Mirjam Musch represented Hivos, discussing progress in the programmes and the challenges the work poses on the ground.

The role of Hivos was again recognised by the invitation to Mirjam Musch to participate at a high level meeting in Geneva convened by UNAIDS and Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCA) last June 10 and 11.