Hivos and Fast Moving Targets proudly present: The Innovation Station!

June 4, 2015

The Innovation Station (TIS) is a global platform presenting the best videos on social and technological innovation. Its content comes from innovators, their supporters and partners – and from you.

Innovation is the theme – both technological and social – because the station’s objective is to improve the world by making it more innovative, connected and open. TIS puts innovations and innovators in the spotlight, exploiting the power of the public to find and select good content, and brings contributors together on its platform to inspire and educate each other.

The Innovation Station is an initiative and joint venture of Hivos and media innovation company Fast Moving Targets. It works with partners all over the world to share the best videos on social and technological innovation. Some partners help TIS connect to worldwide and regional networks of innovators. Others support TIS by reporting on innovative initiatives or by filming them. The Dutch television broadcaster VPRO – with its programme makers from the globally focused Metropolis show – plays a particularly active role in TIS productions.

English is the station’s official language because its goal is to be truly international, distributing a wide variety of content from all parts of the world. TIS shows both original and existing video content from its global community of innovators and innovation enthusiasts. Anyone can submit videos, but TIS asks specialists to curate its selections.

TIS is available on demand, but will pop up as transmitter in the future and also appear as an online channel. TIS is starting out with a crowdsourced video collection and in future it will create a knowledge and skill sharing platform.

You, too, can join The Innovation Station. Come here to watch, produce, submit, share, vote and learn from the rest of the world.