Hivos at COP21 climate summit in Paris

December 2, 2015

Climate change will define what the world will look like in the future. Not merely with regards to environmental impacts, but also socially and politically. Scarcity of natural resources can also lead to conflicts and security issues.

The international community is slowly acknowledging the urgent need to tackle climate change. 160 countries have submitted plans to the Paris Climate Conference (30 November – 11 December) for reducinge national climate impacts. During the conference, the 195 participating countries must arrive at a consensus on how to deal with the threat of climate change and deliver an international agreement. This year’s COP21 is seen as the last chance for putting together a practical plan of action after it was agreed in 2011 that a deal would have to be signed in 2015.

Hivos at COP21

Hivos representatives will be among the 40,000 people participating in COP21 who are voicing the urgent need for a far-reaching and fair international agreement. During COP21, Hivos is focussing on sustainable food and renewable energy as critical elements for sustainable development and climate change reduction. Here are the side events and meetings we are organising to contribute to COP21.

Clean cooking for climate

One of Hivos’ aims is to boost clean cooking for climate. Globally, three billion people rely on firewood to cook, causing serious environmental and health impacts that disproportionally affect women and children. Hivos is member of the Dutch Clean Cooking Alliance. A panel on 1 December including Rachel Kyte (vice president of the World Bank and new CEO of SE4All) and Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Minister Liliane Ploumen discussed how to scale up the investments in clean cooking solutions at the Base of the Pyramid.

Climate Finance

Industrialised countries have agreed to gather 100 billion USD a year from 2020 onwards for climate change mitigation in developing countries. On 3 December, Hivos is hosting a side event regarding this so called Climate Finance. We aim to show that climate finance can deliver on both climate and poverty reduction goals by focussing on access to renewable energy for the poor.

One of the panelists is Maritje Hutapea, Director in the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and responsible for our Sumba Iconic Island programme. Sumba is used as a prime example of achieving these goals in a new video “Are you in?” that highlights the development benefits of the transition to 100% renewable energy. Our interactive report ‘Are you in? 100% renewables, zero poverty’ (See ‘documents’ in the sidebar) features eight in-depth examples of people harnessing the power of renewables to benefit both climate and development.

Landscape Forum

The Global Landscapes Forum is the largest side event of the Paris Climate conference. Hivos will be sharing the most recent insights into innovative and viable adaptation strategies for smallholder coffee farmers in coffee to better deal with climate change. Find out more about this event here. The Global Landscapes Forum offers a live webcast, and you can also follow the proceedings on twitter @GlobalLF and using #GLFCOP21.


Hivos is one of the founders of Alliance2015, our principal strategic partnership in Europe. Our joint statement has recommendations for EU member states to make commitments and take action in the following areas:

  • mitigation
  • adaptation
  • loss and damage and climate change-induced migration
  • emissions from agriculture
  • transparent and reliable climate finance

Find out more about the Alliance2015 members’ expectations for the outcome of the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Climate Change Convention in Paris here.


Gender mainstreaming has been a central pillar of the commitments towards achieving universal access to modern energy and is recognised as a cornerstone within the Sustainable Development Goals. This side event on 7 December, hosted by Energia with Hivos’ Melina Campos as panel member, will discuss gender responsiveness in practice.

The event will showcase how initiatives from regional and international organisations, and civil society, can contribute to the design, implementation and financing of a Gender-Responsive Mitigation Framework and outline the benefits to be had from such an approach.

You can follow Hivos’ participation in COP21 on Twitter: @hivos.