Hivos chosen as MFA strategic partner

February 3, 2015

On 30 January 2015, Dutch Minister for Trade and Development Liliane Ploumen announced her strategic partners for advocacy and policy influencing during the period 2016-2020. Hivos is pleased to be involved in two of the 25 partnerships selected for the new ‘Dialogue and Dissent’ programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This offers us the chance to work together with the ministry in investing in the influence of activists and civil society organisations worldwide. The influence they exercise is more important now than ever before, with many governments cracking down on critical social organisations, and poverty and inequality making inroads into middle-income countries.

Hivos looks forward to a constructive critical partnership with the ministry. Our concerted action is based on respect for each other’s position even if we may differ in opinion. In the months ahead, we will sit down with the ministry to establish overarching common objectives, in close consultation with the countries and organisations we work with.

Two partnerships

Hivos submitted a proposal together with the British organisations IIED and Article 19 about transparency, sustainable food, sustainable energy and decent working conditions for women. Rutgers WPF, in alliance with Hivos, Choice, Dance4Life and three southern network organisations, submitted the proposal “Right here, right now”. It aims to improve sexual and reproductive rights for young people.

In a few weeks, all 25 strategic partnerships will be given an indication of the level of funding they will receive.

Please see the foreign ministry’s press release for more information.