Hivos enters the ‘Age of Wonder’

March 19, 2014

This year, Hivos is sharing networks and knowledge with Baltan Laboratories at the multidisciplinary Age of Wonder festival in Eindhoven from 28 to 30 March.

BaltanLab, located in the former Philips Philips Research Laboratories, combines innovative research and creativity. It explores the intersection between art , science and technology, bridging disciplines to achieve breakthrough applications and ideas. As Hivos is also looking for new solutions to persistent problems with a focus on social innovation, we rely on people who are not afraid to innovate. 

Age of Wonder

This is why Hivos has invited artists, creative thinkers and doers from its networks in Indonesia, Latin America and East Africa to Age of Wonder to interact with BaltanLab artists and scientists. Their encounters and pairing with artists, researchers and scientists from the Baltan Laboratories community will form the basis for projects and experiments later this year during a six-week artist-in -residence programme in September. The aim is to boost creative ideas and stimulate social innovation. The results will be presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven late October 2014.

Hivos guest presentations and brief biographies:
29 March:

30 March: