Hivos joins Dutch organisations to achieve 10 million clean cookstoves in developing countries

November 21, 2014

Rooted in the Dutch tradition of constructive cooperation between public and private stakeholders, better known as the “polder model”, Netherlands-based private, governmental, development and finance partners are aligned in their contribution to the ambitious goals of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC).

They join hands to tackle in-house air pollution by promoting Clean Cooking Solutions. Together they strive for healthy living conditions, especially for women, and less environmental damage due to deforestation. With this approach they aim to achieve 10 million clean cookstoves in developing countries in the next 3 years.

This Dutch offer was committed on 21 November 2014 by the Dutch delegation at the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Future Summit in New York in presence of former US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  



The following 13 Dutch organisations are part of this initiative:

  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
  • SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
  • Philips
  • SimGas
  • African Clean Energy (ACE)
  • BIX Fund
  • FMO
  • HIER klimaatbureau
  • Hivos
  • Climate Neutral Group
  • FairClimateFund
  • Energia

The organisations above will mobilise 185 million USD for the objective of providing clean cookstoves to 10 million households in developing countries. Adhering to a market based approach, the cooperation offers great opportunities for carbon market development and innovations geared towards the cleanest solution. The Dutch cooperation will focus on the following three areas:

  1. Clean cooking: supporting market development and innovation of improved cooking solutions, by stimulating demand for- and scaling up of clean- and affordable cooking and healthy living environments.
  2. Environment: clean cooking solutions contribute to climate change mitigation and the avoidance of deforestation. Boosting environmental, health and economic impact for vulnerable groups, especially for women through growing global investments in low carbon development.
  3. Off-setting: creating awareness on climate change impact and promoting the sales of offset in The Netherlands through innovative financing and business models, such as the sale of cookstoves and other climate neutral products and services.

Hivos has always stressed the importance of biogas as the ‘cleanest’ solution. To find out more, read the booklet Dutch Approach for Clean Cooking Solutions, which you can download in pdf from the right sidebar.