Hivos Partner Gains Continental TV Recognition

February 1, 2013

Hivos/Kenya Media Programme partner, Spielworks Media, is having a good run with its popular TV soap opera, ‘Lies That Bind’. Apart from winning three awards at the Kalasha Awards, Kenya’s version of the Oscar ceremony in December, the programme received three nominations at the prestigious, Africa Magic Choice Awards. 

“What makes Lies that Bind stand out beyond its exceptional cast is the strong storyline”, says the Dorothy Ghettuba, the programme’s Executive Producer. “When we started out, our main goal was to create a narrative that is not only educative but, also entertaining. We have also tried to give precedence to themes that are general to this Kenyan life.”

Spielworks Media is the producer of the popular Kenyan soap opera, ‘Lies That Bind’.  The programme walked away with three awards, Best Drama TV series, Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

Spielworks Media received 3 Nominations for Best Actress, Best Art Director and Best Picture Editor. 

‘Lies that Bind’ revolves around the lives of a Kenyan family and the wrangling that ensues following the death of the patriarch of the home. The series addresses a number of topical issues, including governance, health and social concerns such as inheritance, sibling rivalry, relationships and death.

Being produced by a Hivos/Kenya Media Programme partner, the series also touches on  themes regarding gender and women’s development, HIV/AIDS and service delivery. The over 160 hour episodes filmed have reached an estimated 3 million viewers in Kenya.

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards will be held in Lagos, Nigeria on 9 March, 2013.