Join Tanzania’s first Energy Safari!

July 7, 2015

How can citizens, civil servants and entrepreneurs in the fast growing suburbs of Dar es Salaam transform their energy system to power their lives and businesses?

To find out, Buni and the Energy Change Lab (a programme of Hivos and IIED) are gathering a mixed group of activists, entrepreneurs, academics and engineers for an Energy Safari in Dar es Salaam. The Safari is an intense 5-day learning experience to explore and experience the main challenges around energy access issues and to work together on new potential solutions.

The Safari will take place in the last week of August 2015 (deadline for applications is 13 July), and we’re looking for adventurous  participants to turn it into an electrifying experience!

Dar es Salaam is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. Reliable and affordable energy systems, available to citizens and businesses, are crucial for its development. However, the vast majority of residents experience frequent black-outs, expensive, dirty supply (through diesel generators and charcoal), and often, no access to energy at all. By working on these challenges, Safari participants get acquainted with different types of methodologies that combine creative and analytical approaches, and collaboration across disciplines.

As energy challenges involve technical, political, economic and social aspects, we very explicitly focus on participants from a wide range of backgrounds: software developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, political scientists, social scientists, activists and more.

Participation in the Safari is free of charge: food, drinks, accommodation and local transport are covered. This means however that we expect full participation and full presence. When applying, please share your motivation to join, what you bring to the table (be specific!), and what you expect from the programme. We have a maximum capacity of 30 participants and select on the basis of background and motivation, while striving for a mixed group.

We start on Sunday evening August 23 and finish on Friday afternoon August 28, 2015. The English-language programme is full-time, consisting of morning, afternoon and evening activities. You can only apply for the Safari if you are 100% available to attend.

For any questions regarding practical / logistical matters of the programme or about the content of the Safari, email Basil Malaki:

To apply, please use this online form. The deadline for applications is Friday 24 July, 2015