The 2013 Kenyan presidential election, Uchaguzi and Hivos

February 26, 2013

Hivos has partnered with the Ushahidi, a Kenya technology developer, and various civil society organisations to come up with the joint initiative to monitor Kenya’s electoral process. Uchaguzi, which means ‘election’ in Swahili, aims to help Kenya have a free, fair, peaceful and credible general election.

Uchaguzi solicits reports from Twitter, Facebook, texts, email and the web to map incidents of electoral malpractices and incidents of violence around the country. The initiative aims to mobilise citizens into playing an active role in the country’s general elections. The election will be the first for the country, since it adopted a new constitution in 2010.

The slogan for the campaign which went live on 11 February 2013: ‘linda kura yako – protect your vote’. Uchaguzi is calling on ordinary Kenyans to play an active role in the election by ‘turning’ them into observers.

Uchaguzi facilitates unprecedented collaboration between citizens, election observers, humanitarian response agencies, civil society, community-based organisations, law enforcement agencies, and digital humanitarians to monitor elections in near-real time.

The ICT platform was first deployed during the Kenya referendum in 2010 and subsequently in elections in Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.