The Nest: innovative hangout where art and activism meet

February 15, 2013

Kenya’s creative fraternity has a new home to express itself. The Nest centre, which is situated in the capital, Nairobi, opened its doors to the public in late November 2012.

The thinking behind The Nest is as creative as the trio who founded it. Geroge Gachara, Jim Chuchu and Njoki Ngumi are all artists in their own right, but are also quick to add on the tag of social activists. However, the Nest does not want to be seen nor described as just another space targeting mainstream creative individuals.

‘We are actively looking for ‘monsters,’ quips George Gacara. ‘We are looking for artists who are not self-identified as artists, but who know they have a story to tell.’

The Nest‘s focus is to grow new art forms, new artists and new audiences. Currently, it has more than 20 artists working on projects and has a community of over 200 people. The centre’s philosophy is to “build artistic excellence and freedom for cultural activism”.

Kenya’s arts and cultural sector is currently experiencing good times, although accessing funds is a perennial challenge.

With more young people being given the space to pursue their artistic passions, the Nest is hoping not only to tap into that potential, but wants the country to take pride in its local burgeoning talent. So the Nest is hoping that the very same artists they foster will make their voices heard on matters that concern them and the country.

Hivos will be partnering with the Nest until the end of 2015.