What ingredients go into making a hub for innovation?

July 20, 2015

‘What makes a city a hub for innovation?’ was the central question asked during the second Six-Hivos event held in Nairobi from 27-29 May 2015.

To organise this event, Six (Social Innovation Exchange) collaborated with the Amani Institute – a leader in teaching and stimulating social innovation in Kenya. They gathered over 100 thinkers and doers to explore the different conditions and components that make up a hub for innovation. Is there a magic formula for creating such a hub? Are there specific policies and practices that need to be put in place? How can we connect disparate groups and industries to come together organically? What does this look like at city level?

This event sought to answer these questions and learn from the case of Nairobi. Together with addresses by invited speakers, there were many interactive sessions for the participants to share ideas and practices such as site visits, workshops and group discussions. The participants learned about the importance of physical spaces as well as the invisible conditions and skills needed. Although no magic formula seems to exist, the gathering ended up formulating some underlying questions, such as ‘Who is responsible for creating change?’, and gained a collective understanding of what ingredients go into making a hub for innovation.

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