Women MPs in Kenya give thumbs up to renewable energy

November 24, 2015

How can we increase the focus on renewable energy to positively impact the link between energy and gender issues in Kenya?  Hivos together with Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) collaborated on a series of renewable energy-themed events – a breakfast meeting and an Energy Dialogue – that convened lawmakers to discuss energy issues in Kenya.   

The events targeted Members of the Kenyan Parliament (MPs), Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) and the media, focusing on the recently tabled Energy Bill and the role of renewable energy in increasing energy access, particularly from a gender lens.  

Why do we keep talking about access to electricity, yet it remains unaffordable for most Kenyans? The cost of fuel is increasing every day; this in turn affects the quest for affordable electricity. Why don’t we think about the alternatives?MCA, Kiambu 

The sessions focused on sharing knowledge, examining the legal frameworks and policies, and exploring opportunities for advocacy and capacity building aimed at supporting stakeholders in the energy sector. At each event, MPs and MCAs were outspoken in their passion for increasing energy access, particularly for women. They are key stakeholders in the renewable energy revolution as they bear the greatest social and economic burdens of ‘dirty’ energy systems. The interest demonstrated during both sessions was outstanding, with many potential avenues for collaboration on policy and outreach coming from the MPs and MCAs.