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Results so far

More than 4,000 women entrepreneurs are engaged in ENERGIA’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Program. Thanks to their sale of over 450,000 units of clean energy products, 2.6 million people now have access to energy. Advocacy efforts have contributed, amongst others, to shaping UN Women and UNEP’s flagship program: “Women’s Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Energy”. The Research Program to date has produced over 60 articles, blogs and other publications which have been shared widely. Gender Mainstreaming efforts in Benin, Ghana and Liberia have resulted in gender audits and the development of gender action plans in governmental institutions.

Period and budget

2014 ‑ 2019: € 16 million


30+ partners worldwide, including NGOs, research institutes, social enterprises, networks and government organizations.

Donors: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, UK Department for International Development, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for International Cooperation, the Asian Development Bank and the Millennium Challenge Corporation.