Consultancy: Assessment of pastoralists involved in decision-making processes in natural resources management

Region: East Africa
Office: Nairobi
Hours: To be determined
Application deadline: May 12, 2021

About Hivos

Hivos is an international development organization guided by humanist values. Together with citizens and their organizations, it aims to contribute towards just, inclusive and life sustaining societies where people have equal access to opportunities, rights and resources. It works in partnership with others in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America on three impact areas: civic rights; gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and climate justice. Hivos’ approach is solution driven, and it builds wider movements for change by amplifying and connecting voices.

About Cross Border Program

The program aims to contribute to a sustainable pastoralist civil society by building systems of community-centred communication in local development and related decision-making. It further contributes to enabling voices of pastoralists’ communities to be heard and harnessed in natural resource management.

Background of consultancy

Hivos is seeking the services of a consultant, under the cross border program to conduct an assessment of pastoralists’ involvement in decision making in natural resources management. The assessment will inform the development of a proposal, based on findings from the pilot phase and the assessment. The assessment should provide recommendations for interventions, which can support the proposal development process.

Scope of assignment

Under the direction of the project team, the consultant will:

  • Design and implement a gap assessment for communities’ involvement natural resources in decision making in Turkana, Kenya and Moroto, Uganda. This assessment will;
    • Focus on barriers for pastoralists’ participation in decision-making processes.
    • Include a desk review of relevant reports on pastoralists’ participation in decision-making processes.
    • Include information garnered from stakeholders through interviews, workshops meetings.
    • Conduct a desk top review of ongoing interventions by state and non-state actors aimed at addressing the gaps of lack of pastoralists involvement in decision making in NRM
    • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders, partners on gaps, opportunities, strengthens, weaknesses in the quests for promotion of pastoralists voices in NRM decision making
    • Interrogate the extent to which projects focused on promoting pastoralists involvement in natural resources decision making have been successful or not.
    • Identify strategic interventions which would facilitate increased participation of pastoralists in decision making processes

Tasks to be performed

  • Prepare work plan outlining the activities and period for conducting of the gap assessment.
  • Prepare an outline of stakeholders to participate in the assessment
  • Design interview tools inclusive of questionnaires for government officials, NGO staff, pastoralists and accompanying guidelines for administering of the interview tools.
  • Conduct a desk review and prepare draft desk review report
  • Prepare draft gap assessment report inclusive of results of desk review and stakeholder interviews
  • Prepare final gap assessment report.


  • Work plan.
  • Questionnaires, interview guides that will be applied in the course of the assessment.
  • A list of interviewees, participants, and their contact details in the research.
  • Desk review report.
  • Draft and final assessment report that will include:
    • The economic, political ,social dynamics in the context of decisions making, natural resources management.
    • Recommendations on innovations that can work in promoting pastoralists involvement in decision making.
    • Recommendations of actors who should be engaged.
    • Recommendations on better practises, strategies in ensuring informed pastoralists decision making in NRM.


  • Have a good understanding of cross border regions dynamics, pastoralist communities’ governance processes.
  • Be well versed with civic engagement models, modalities around successful public participation, and community involvement in natural resources management.
  • Demonstrate at least 4 years’ experience in conducting research targeted at cross border communities, civil society in cross border regions.
  • Have at least 5 years of relevant experience in working with civil society on public participation, community involvement in natural resources management.
  • A good understanding of the topography dynamics in the Uganda/Kenya border region will be an added advantage.
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences, arts, or a related and relevant field.
  • Have excellent planning and facilitation skills.
  • Be excellent in written and spoken English.

Submission requirements

  • A cover letter.
  • Technical Proposal document comprising of:
  1. Background of the Consultancy firm/individual.
  2. Work-plan with clear timelines and deliverables.
  3. Team composition including qualifications and relevant experience. (All CVs of the team members must be annexed).
  4. A detailed Financial Proposal.
  5. A minimum of 3 Referees.
  6. Submission of at least two written reports on similar assignments.

The detailed terms of reference can be downloaded from this link 

How to apply

Interested applicants should send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the address, and received by 14 May 2021, 5.00pm EAT.

The Expression of Interest should not exceed six pages.

The email subject should read: EOI – RBS Project Assessment 2021

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.