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Whistleblower Facility

Hivos employees, Implementing Organisations, beneficiaries and service providers can use the unique email address to report a suspected abuse or irregularities related to Hivos or Hivos funding and projects, occurring within the Hivos organisation and also those involving Implementing Organisations and service providers.  Informants have a choice to declare their identity, which will be protected, or to remain anonymous. Hivos will facilitate steps that guarantee the anonymity of the whistle-blower.

The Hivos Whistle blower facility is designed to combat acts of fraud, corruption and integrity issues including sexual harassment related to Hivos, Implementing Organisations and service providers (and their respective employees). All Implementing Organisations are obligated to inform their Staff and service providers regarding the Hivos Whistle blower procedure, this will be attained by publicly displaying the Hivos whistle blower policy (and contact address) or other suitable means.

The Hivos Whistle blower facility shall be administered by the Controllers of Hivos Global Office who will sanitise the reports to ensure that they exclude the name of the informant or any other information which identifies the informant before they are forwarded for further actioning. If the report implicates a Hivos employee, this will be notified to the respective Line Manager and Hivos Executive Board of Directors.

Hivos shall evaluate the report and institute a preliminary inquiry within a period of 7 days of receipt.  After a period of no more than two weeks the investigator makes a recommendation to the Controller .There are two possible outcomes for this recommendation, the report is inadmissible (therefore Hivos unable to pursue the report as it is not sufficiently compelling or because the preliminary inquiry has not shown any abuse) or   the report is admissible therefore subject to further investigation.

When reports are admissible, Hivos will establishes an ad hoc Inquiry Committee or appoint an appropriately experienced external mission (or Auditor) to investigate the report of abuse further and reports on its findings to the Controller within a period of eight weeks. During the inquiry or investigation the reporting person is notified of the progress of the inquiry, unless the reporting person indicates not to require this or disadvantageous for the reporting person or the inquiry, or other valid reasons.

The Inquiry Committee or investigating mission confers and decides on the recommendation in a closed meeting.  During the investigations and afterwards Hivos commits to protect whistle-blowers against retaliation from an affected party in the event that a whistle-blower is known or suspected to be known.

If an employee, Implementing Organisation, beneficiary or service provider feels that his/her report has not been addressed or the reported anomalies continue to prevail, he/she can escalate the report to the Hivos Executive Director or the Hivos Supervisory Board. This procedure will also apply in cases where a reported anomaly involves or implicates a Director Regional Office or the Controller of Hivos who is responsible for handling whistle blower reports.