2013 Annual Report

The Annual Report, including a thematic summary, shows how Hivos gave shape to its ideals in 2013, from Nairobi to The Hague, and from Bolivia to Jakarta.


Open Data

Hivos publishes all of its project-related information in accordance with the internationally agreed (IATI) standard.


Grants Applications

Hivos awards general grants throughout the year in all regions in its four programmes, Expression & Engagement, Green Entrepreneurship, Rights & Citizenship and Action for Change.

Knowledge Programme

The platform for knowledge development on issues imperative to the global development sector.


Facts & Figures Hivos East Africa

Total liability € 19.2 million

Number of countries 3

Number of partner organisations 105


Hivos responds with utter disbelief and bewilderment to the scale of the disaster surrounding Mal

I passed by a chain store known for its cheap products - and there it was in their window di

Women@Work campaign

Over 120,000 tonnes of fresh cut flowers are exported every year to the European

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