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East Africa

2014 Annual Report

The Annual Report and Annual Accounts show how Hivos gave shape to its ideals from Nairobi to The Hague, and from Bolivia to Jakarta.


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Hivos publishes all of its project-related information in accordance with the internationally agreed (IATI) standard.


Grants Applications

Hivos manages several thematic funds. Most of the thematic funds have their own specific application guidelines and/or formats that you can find on their websites. The thematic funds are listed by region.

Knowledge Programme

The platform for knowledge development on issues imperative to the global development sector.


Facts & Figures

East Africa

Total liability € 17.4 million

Number of countries 4

Number of partner organisations 112


East Africa

How can we increase the focus on renewable energy to positively impact the link between energy and gender issues in Kenya?  Hivos together with Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) co

Hivos is appalled at the events in Paris that claimed many lives of innocent civilians. IS claimed responsibility for the attacks, which were carried out mostly by French citizens. Almost immediately after this horrific violence was wreaked particularly on places of entertainment, calls for drastic measures resounded from every corner, such as closing borders or wiping IS 'off the face of the earth'.

Worried by the streams of refugees, Alliance 2015 calls upon European governments to address root causes. 

Alliance2015 members, amongst which Hivos, work in many of those countries worst hit by the current refugee crisis, including Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Based on our understanding of the realities faced by those with whom we work, as well as our wider experience of humanitarian disasters, we call on European leaders to: