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East Africa

2016 Annual Report

The Hivos Annual Report shows how we gave shape to our ideals in Latin America, Africa and Asia in 2016.


Open Contracting

Citizens need to access information about the full public contracting process cycle: from planning, to procurement, to contracting, implementation and monitoring of results.


Knowledge Dossiers

Hivos operates at the cutting edge of developments. To stay ahead of the curve, Hivos invests in knowledge creation. Browse through our dossiers for a wealth of insights.

Goodbye maize mono diet!

Zambia must diversify its food production and consumption patterns to overcome nagging challenges of hunger and malnutrition and ensure good health for all its citizens.

Facts & Figures

East Africa

Total liability € 8.9 million

Number of countries 4

Number of partner organisations 47


East Africa

“The transparency of multilateral organisations is inadequate. Access to financial data of multilateral organisations is limited.” That is the major conclusion of ‘Quickscan Open Multilaterals’, the recent study ...

Kenya’s creative sector has often been referred to as a sleeping giant. While the country’s economy is the biggest in Eastern Africa, its growing fashion and creative industry continues to face serious challenges in regional and global expansion.


Defending the rights of journalists, enabling freedom of the press and protecting freedom of expression are crucial building blocks of democracy. However, press freedom is increasingly under siege around the world, with ever more journalists facing threats of violence or imprisonment for...

Blog posts

Un derroche de energía positiva me transmitió a nivel personal el primer día del Diálogo de alto nivel: ‘Uniendo nuestras voces para transformar’, que organizó ICW Latina e Hivos América Latina con...

By Fauzia Mohammed

The question as to whether it is a permissive society, a blind eye by the community, an ill-bred culture or weak policies at institution level that has...

Día 1: Mover para transformar

Los acentos de toda Latinoamérica han invadido una pequeña ciudad de Costa Rica: del 20 al 21 de noviembre, Heredia fue la sede...