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2016 Annual Report

The Hivos Annual Report shows how we gave shape to our ideals in Latin America, Africa and Asia in 2016.


Open Contracting

Citizens need to access information about the full public contracting process cycle: from planning, to procurement, to contracting, implementation and monitoring of results.


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Hivos operates at the cutting edge of developments. To stay ahead of the curve, Hivos invests in knowledge creation. Browse through our dossiers for a wealth of insights.

Goodbye maize mono diet!

Zambia must diversify its food production and consumption patterns to overcome nagging challenges of hunger and malnutrition and ensure good health for all its citizens.

Facts & Figures

East Africa

Total liability € 8.9 million

Number of countries 4

Number of partner organisations 47


East Africa

“We will not enjoy security without development, we will not enjoy development without security, and we will not enjoy either without respect for human rights.” This famous quote on human rights by the former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, signifies a critical global commitment to the fight...

“Do you like sex?” Eunice Waweru asks a group of women who work at a flower farm in Naivasha, Kenya.  Everyone is shy and avoids eye contact with Eunice. “I like sex”, she says. This is Eunice’s way of starting a conversation on sexual harassment. She is in the farm to sensitise workers on the...

Hivos welcomes the decision of the Court of Appeal of Kenya which declared forced anal testing as a way of determining sexual orientation unlawful, torturous and a gross violation of people’s right to privacy.

Hivos also congratulates the ...

Blog posts

The current dominant agricultural model has run out of steam. It’s high time to replace it with one that is not only sustainable, but also efficient, inclusive and respectful of the planet and the...

The Kenyan food system is broken. It’s a venal and extremely predatory system that is both ‘child and aide’ of the society that produced it, including our system of governance. In that way, one...

On 2 April 2018, I went to bed a very furious person. This was after I watched a clip where the Woman Representative of Kenya's Kiambu County, Gathoni Wa Muchomba, did what I consider...