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Our planet could provide the growing world population with enough nutritious food for many years to come, but one billion people are undernourished and two billion are struggling with obesity.
Fossil fuels are being depleted at an ever-increasing rate. The extraction and consumption of oil, gas and coal contribute considerably to climate change and lead to instability and pollution across the world.
Citizens mostly have more rights on paper than in practice. In many countries, free elections and progressive laws exist alongside poverty, widespread corruption and government unaccountability.
Freedom of expression is the oxygen of an open, inclusive society. Where there is room for dissent and new voices, there is space for people with all their differences.
Almost everywhere in the world, people who do not conform to the heterosexual norm or have been born in the wrong body have a hard time.
Little by little, more girls are going to school, more women have political power and more rights are enshrined in law. Yet gender equality still seems a pipe dream.